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Album: Prymary (2002)

Roads Of Fire

So where do we stand?
Our feet are firmly on the ground
Taking safety in numbers
In collective chemistry
But inside the wonder
A world beyond our reach
Take hold, break the mold
Break the mold

Voices insistent
Light sparks mind to solicit
Shining grace shows revealing
To a cage in a dark place
Shackled minds can't wander
We feed of what we are given
Watching empty shadows
A glimpse of light can break these chains

Choosing my sights
A glimpse of the light
For the first time in my life
Taking hold, break the mold
For the first time in my life

Take a look at your surroundings
Shadow projection on the wall
Watch the false bonfires burning
Draw conclusions from a lie

Take a walk into confusion
Took a turn towards misconception
Stumble on throughout the darkness
As the world comes crashing down

What has happened to this life?
And where is everything we knew
Reflecting victim of a crime
Lost my world in the blink of an eye
Outside a world unknown to me
Inside a world of illusion

Reason suspect to micro-range
Welcome in the human age
Hold tight, blinding light
Has changed the course of my life
Journey's eye is suicide
Or so they say in the comfort zone

Souls remain in contented state
They remain static, They're who we are
I Close my eyes and follow my heart
Can I turn on my shadows?

Cast your doubts away
Hold your course to the truth
Cast your fears away
And move forward to the truth

On the paths of destination
Hold the truths that we seek
But the shock of revelation
Is frightening to me
Bracing hands hold me down
Keep me off the lighted path
Take my life, take my heart
Take this wanting from my mind

Here in the shadows light subsides before my eyes
Voices whisper lullabies sweetly from afar
My will has sunk from so much pressure living the big lie

Here in the confines of the light my heart begins to fade
Forbidden desires and ambitions are swept up in the wind
And yet relentless wanting flickers inside my heart
Not unlike the burning flame that's cupped in my palm

I am the wanting man
To see the truth from higher planes

Grab the reins for my own future
Make use of steady hands
Plot a course for better weather
Take a trip to unknown lands
Remember the call, Oh so vivid
Cast your doubts away
Here in the cage the door is open
Sends flooding light before my eyes

Ignoring bracing hands
Turning on the lighted path
Where I see miles and miles around
Take a straighter course
Once through the one way door
I still see for miles and miles around
Step forward to the light
If I can make the climb
Mixed with caution and eagerness
To a place on another line
Face fear of a different kind
If I can just make the climb

Crawling out of broken dreams reveals a slow decay
Foolish senses tricked by fences restricting truths from view
Sunshine relentlessly conveying views
terrifyingly awaiting change

All around the seekers rise out of the earth
Dotted landscape, seeking answers to their worth
To the giver, supplying answers to the strays
Instantaneous gratification is the ideal way

Found my way off the path
Up the way from the shadows
To the sun and the truth
or so it seems
To find my point of view
Beauty vision within the eye
Is susceptible to disguise
Open eyes will surely see
The truth has changed its shape
To fit ones needs

Outside the lights begin to slowly fade
And here we are again trapped in the same old cage
I've found the prisons changed but things I could not save
Abandoned innocence has found an earthly grave

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