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Album: Invader Volume 1 (2014)

Everybody Get Up

Tonight we can't stop this, we got this
Everybody get up and go rock this [x2]
Everybody get up
Tonight we gon' drop it, can't stop it
All across the globe we gon' rock it [x2]
All across the globe
Welcome back to life

It's the return of the incredible hulk
Proceed with caution do not provoke
I spent my whole life on the edge of broke
Now 'bout to blow up in a plume of smoke
I don't know what you came here for
I don't believe that we've met before
But please proceed orderly to the dance floor
And DJ please play my track once more
Isn't this better than crystal meth?
Better than rotting your teeth till you got none left?
Better than a quick hit then hold your breath
And take one step, two steps closer to death?
So put down your pipes and come rock with us
Our sunglasses bigger than binoculars
Don't really know what people think is popular
But its clear by what you wear that you copy us
That Ruckus they industry made
Yo must be tripping on hater-ade
Twelve years in the game, I still ain't paid
I'll kidnap the DJ till my song gets played

So tonight you want a little bit of carefree living ha
Like the people on the screen at the cinema
Find a drunk girl who isn't even really into ya
To have sex with you in the back seat of your rental car
Is it even really fulfilling ya, or is it ultimately killing ya?
Has it given ya a virus, that'll wreck your balls faster than Miley Cyrus?
God ultimately knows whats up
That's why He doesn't really even want you up in that club
With ya bottle of bub, while you're twerkin' it up
Cause those men looking at you they ain't looking for love
So let me tell you what I've seen through my own eyes
A small portion of society we idolize
Put 'em on a pedestal and we buy their lies
Buy all their t-shirts and believe the lies
And then hide all the proof of the inconvenient truth
That future still belongs to the youth
Now step away from the mic and exit the booth

Some things in life that you just can't explain
Like who I was to who I became
That's why I just can't be here to entertain
Gotta speak my mind, and go against the grain
I'm the time bomb that you can't contain
I'm on the verge of clinically insane
The men in white suits they can't restrain me
In a straitjacket I'll dance in the rain
See I was born for so much more
Than this world had me believe before
And I got so much more in store
I'm a crank it up to a level that they can't ignore

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