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Album: American Psycho II (2014)

Do It For The Hood 2

Ahh this shit crazy right here
Shout to Rock City
Shout to Akon
Shout to that boy Maino
Brooklyn what up
The LA Leakers baby
Whoo Kid

[Hook: Akon]
Riding through the city with my top down
And haters hate to see me when I come around
Cause they already know I'm gonna shut it down
No matter where I'm at I always do it for the hood
I still hustle even on the holidays
I'm getting to this money each and everyday
They told me I should stop I do it anyway
No matter where I'm at I always do it for the hood

[Verse 1: Red Cafe]
Wake up in the morning making President [?]
Dirty rags still hood residential
Deep in them back blocks plotting on a lick
Pop up on them blindside make the pussy strip
I want it all looks my niggas all crooks
Make them suckas do the dance crooks
On the rise dealer call him Godzilla
Making pies, super size, be my enterprise
Certified hustler, we should be televised (What else)
I'm a dogg from the big big city
Boy I want it all believe that my hands sticky
And I'm coming strapped with goons and couple cliqueys
Live from the hood my nigga, no Pretty Rickys
Lighting up sour high, as the Sears Tower
Tell them hoes now we open 25 hours


[Verse 2: Maino]
For them kids whose fathers was gang members
In a world where judges just hang niggas
Going at with rivals we bang niggas
Then we end up in jail with them same niggas
For them mothers who coping with lost sons
Cops yelling freeze say fuck'em and still run
Hoping on that visit we praying that girl come
[?] on my mind [?] I'm still from
Do for my shooters and young substance abusers
Growing up trapped the world calling us losers
Do it for my doggs who hustle to get a hold of life
Street nigga made it, look I'm the prototype
Look me in my eyes, I'm a one of one
Niggas can you quit, ain't no one on one
Ready for them dark days, there some more to come
They gone say I kept it hood way before I'm done


[Verse 3: Red Cafe]
Ever since I was a pup I've been a general
Every scheme I ever thought about was federal
Slinging medicine, but it wasn't medical
Half the buildings in the neighborhood looking edible
Steak on my dinner plate, mansion on the interstate
Hit the hood renovate, watch the paper generate
With them snow bunnies, I got'em no worries
We in the town so you know it's gone be snow (What else)
Raised in the projects, getting cash no checks
Where all the homies push weights, not Bow-flex
Legalize hustle, I'm a "G" for life
A dozen for the hood, I always beat the price
Big wheel, big bank roll, bad broad
Riding through the city, serving what they ask for
Last year I clocked about 44 blocks
And made them strips all white, no Clorox


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