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Album: Rich Gang: Tha Tour Part 1 (2014)


[Hook - Young Thug:]
Cop a Rollie, yes a Rolex
And I pull up on that lil nigga, Bowflex a nigga, know that ay
Where your heart at? I'm gon pour that out like Moet
And she know that she the bomb, nigga, Lotus ay
And the bitch, ya know they fuckin and they suckin
When they get inside the bed with me and Mayo
And she fuckin' if I say so, plus she suckin' if I say so
And she love it if I say so
And we fuck 'em, we don't pay 'em
How the fuck we gon' buy if we don't pay 'em?
I'm a cum a week later
I'm a spread that pussy out like an acre
She on the cover of Fader
And she say it's my time like Flava
Plus she know I ain't fishin, but I bait'em
And I'm livin' like Flava

[Verse 1 - Birdman:]
Yeah, got the chopper with the Mac
In the back with the stacks, nigga pull up in a new car
Long nose bout the flow nigga
Pull up out the door nigga, fuck and get a murder show
Been a hunter and a gunna and a stunna
Nigga get money representin' uptown
Big B's with a few C's
For the money ti'll be your own people on ya (action)
Big matchin' with the OV
Backyard with the young nigga, lowkey
Five stars, nigga, ball like a real G
New cars, nigga, serve it like it's 10 a key
Got a mill in em bitches
Fuckin' niggas bitches, iced out, fully loaded
100 mills still flippin
Check a nigga digits, make a young nigga gun blow
Hot nigga, don't stop
Big money nigga gon' pop
One stop, get yo life took
Big money, bitches gon look
Flashy classy
For the money we dash it
Fuck em, pass em
How we did it outlast em

[Hook - Young Thug & Rich Home Quan]

[Verse 2 - Rich Homie Quan:]
Tell the bitch I'm comin' over 3 AM
So she betta have her muthafuckin' clothes off (what?)
One of me, three of them
And ya know that I'm a pimp just booted up, I ain't bout to doze off
Lil nigga, you a shrimp walking' with a limp
I ain't have to say a word the bitch took her clothes off
Little shit to make me sleepy, little Xan, little percocet
All these drugs got me throwed off
I love my bitch, I can't go without her
I'm a give her my seed, no sunflower
I got strong genes, my little boy look just like me
I ain't tryna be what ya like, no I'm not (I'm talkin' bout whip gun)
Pull up with that nigga bitch in the car
Now her baby daddy wanna fight me
That pump, man, make him jump, man
You would think his ass was sponsored by Nike
I'm every little kid's idol, got more verses than the Bible
The lifestyle I live here priceless
Pull up on yo ass like a diaper
Grippin on my nuts like Micheal
I see shit before it happen like a psychic
Get yo bitch, don't want that broke ho around me
And me and Thug still on the run so fuck yo bounty
I love my girl so much, that money, I let her count it
(Thugga Thugga)

[Hook - Young Thug]

[Verse 3 - Young Thug:]
Call yo bitch and tell her I need some mechanical
Plus she make me stand out like a ruler
Even though I don't got all my strolls
I'm a pull up on lil momma with the doors off
I'm a treat myself and buy myself a rollie
Then I walk into a party full of cougars, slow
This just might be an interesting YT
Yeah nigga, this a crew cut
Crew cut, momma say yo crew cut
On that GT, pop for me oooh-ee
And she come and let me ride like uber
Then I teach lil momma how to ride it smoother
Baby girl, gimme clues, no blues uh
Her love prolly right by the Buddha
Baby, all on my Insta no -tution
Hate leavin' me when she go to school
Can't drink it, I'm a dive in it
Got a ride round with me, make it play
Make her feel like I got tires in it
And I'm sorry I was seein' yo lady
Fuck bitch, don't ever tryna play me
Bruh I'm sorry I was feedin' yo baby
FIrst time seen a real nigga make it
Sittin at the top, I'm bored no neighbor
Thugga Thugga

[Hook - Young Thug]

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