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Album: Symphony Of Life (2001)


[featuring Jon Oliva as "the voice of 'God'"]
[Music : Wunderlich, Doernberg / Lyrics : Doernberg]

Lucifer flew one stormy night
from hell below to the other side
to ask the guardian of the light
what the future days may bring.
The angels hid their eyes and cried.
Some were looking for a place to hide
but Lucifer said : "Relax, it's alright
I won't break anyone's wing !
The times have changed - the world did turn.
The humans ain't afraid to burn anymore.
The more they know - the more they learn
the less they care about us !
I guess we're all sitting in a falling plane.
The wheels may turn but we should remain.
I've got a plan - please let me explain.
Here are some facts we need to discuss :"

[God answered:]

"Well I know exactly what you?re talking about.
They're full of bits and bytes and doubts.
To make an end we?re both not to allowed
`cause we need them to exist !
So tell me `bout your secret plan !"

[Lucifer said:] "I'll do the best I can.
Of one thing everyone's a fan.
They've all got it on their list : Money !"

[The humans:]
"Money makes the world go `round ......."

"I want you to live and I want you to die.
I want you to laugh and I want you to cry.
I want you to take and I want you to give
And I want you to preach as long as you live !"

"It makes the human world go `round
- gets lost and earned and sometimes found...."

"They all do worship the holy amount instead of you or me !
But there's one thing that can't be bought.
It can't be tamed and can't be cought.
It can't be killed and can't be fought.
This is our future's key : Money !"

[The humans:]
"love is all you need to be........."

[Lucifer:] "I want you to think !"
[God:] "I want you to live !"
[Lucifer:] "And I want you to sigh !"
[God:] "and I want you to die !"
[Lucifer:] "I want you to pray !"
[God:] "I want you to laugh !"
[Lucifer:] "And I want you to buy !"
[God:] "And I want you to cry !"
[Lucifer:] "I want you to sing !"
[God:] "I want you to take !"
[Lucifer:] "As loud as you can !"
[God:] "And I want you to give !"
[Lucifer:] "Let your faith rise again !"
[God:] "And I want you to preach !"
[Lucifer:] "It's now or ZEN !!!!!"

So the legions of heaven and the demons of hell
gathered for the fight to break the spell
to ring the irrational bell
of a thing no one understands.
And after they had won this war
Lucifer and God met at the shore
They smoked a cigarette
And maybe something more
And finally they shook hands.
Then they all went their separate ways
And an anachronism from the earlier days
made the cyberspace cowboys and the human race
find a way back to the ??

"I want you to live
and I want you to die ......"

Lucifer sends e-mails from hell to work details
out now to find someone female and true.
Rodeo clowns save Pandemonium rounders
`cause Lucifer feels kinda blue - kinda blue.
Thou shalt be on your way
- reasons of yesterday
wait for you silently beyond the veil.
Pretty young maiden blonde
from the home at the golden pond
please give the evil one a chance and you'll sail
down the old river styx - six-hundred-sixty-six
crocodiles will be your bodyguards then.
You'll be the devil's bride
- don't be afraid besides
the horns and the horsefeet
he's a real good man.

"There's one thing that can't bought.
It can't be tamed and can't be caught.
It can't be killed it can't be fought
- this is our future's key !"

Lucifer flew one stormy night..........

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