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Album: Black Man Of Steal (2015)

Coincidental Racist

When I was in the 3rd grade
I thought that I was black
'cause I couldn't swim
destined for a life of fly clothes and golden rims
told my mom the news with pride in my chest
she's like Rucka you never been arrested
or failed a drug test, you crazy
ha, guess she had a point ain't she
I remember adding it all up together in my mind
I'm a straight A student taking all honors and AP
and I can't watch full house if my grades fall behind

Guess I really am white
and that's all I'll ever be
in a world where it's cooler to be a minority
where you could dance and you could rap
if you're African or Black
but as a cracker what you do is automatically just whack
man it's hard, when even Obama won't acknowledge
the white half of him that got his ass through college
and the only white person working on CNN
is a smelly lame crooker tooth bloody Englishman
man fuck him

And I can't change
that I'm rich and white
that I live in a good neighborhood
and I can't change
that I'm rich and white
that I live in a good neighborhood
with my wife and car and doc
it stinks being white
it stinks being white
but it keeps me employed
and finding a job is hard

If I was Zimmerman I would think twitter hates me
Have you read the tweets
on the trending topics lately?
"Fuck you Zimmerman, you fat faggoty cracker"
it's like for every hate tweet George gets
He gets a calorie fatter
does it matter
that he took a black girl to the prom
or that he got a Mexican cleaning lady for a mom
Nah, just call him White
And he becomes our problem
Killing Trayvon means the same thing as racist

It's the same shit they did when Michael Jackson touched a kid
Oh he's White but he'll be Black when he dies and we forgive him
and how did Paula Dean learn them racist words in the kitchen?
If you ask me black and white isn't no different
they're the same thing
So I stay out of trouble
When I see black and white people
it's just like I'm seeing double
If you profile Blacks as more likely to be criminals
You rob them of the right to walk home eating skittles
Drinking watermelon flavored AriZona
You shoot 'em and the five-o shows up
for some high fives and donuts

Think it's time we finally have a honest racist discussion
the 99% of our time we talk about race is not enough
it should be a hundred

"Uh, 35 years ago, I was Trayvon Martin,
I changed my name to Barack Hussein so I could run for president
of Pakistan
where I was born"

And I can't change
that I'm rich and white
and I went to a good private school
where I learned to read and write
it stinks being white
it stinks being white
but it keeps me alive
when I'm walking home at night

Justice for Trayvon
I'm pissed that you're gone
Wish we could of have shared a bag of skittles and a bong
but some things went wrong
Now you're up in heaven
I bet Bin Laden works the counter there at 7 eleven
and Zimmerman
you should apologize to Trayvon's mom
find a way to say you're sorry
coming straight from the heart
and a gift certificate to bed bath and beyond
won't fix everything
but it'll be a very nice way to start

Let the black kids walk home
from the store with munchies
'cause from whatever race you are
we all came from monkeys
it's time we get along
it's the we spread the love
this song is for Trayvon up above

And I can't change
that I'm rich and white
and I sit in Caribou
writing on my laptop
and I can't change
that I'm rich and white
and I'm afraid of black people
when I'm walking home at night

Rest in Peace Trayvon [x3]
You're my boy, my boy, my boy
You're my boy blue!

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