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Album: Black Man Of Steal (2015)

Supa Black Man

[Verse 1:]
Everything was great, 'til I showed up
That's the message that I get from the hate
Like, "Wait a minute, hold up!"
9-1-1 hung up when you called up
So who you gonna call when the airplane rolled up?
Supa Black Man, I'm a coked-up superhero!
Looking like a cross between Tupac and Bob DeNiro.
Like a boss, I'm lonely
I land on my feet when I speak up, but at what cost?
Are we lost as a culture?
Free speech tossed to the side by the butthurt, PC vultures...
Fuck you, look what you've done!
I'm the one cleaning up after all you cunts
Everyone it's...

[Hook 1:]
Supa Black Man! (Yo, I'm here to help you!)
Supa Black Man! (I got drugs to sell you!)
Supa Black Man! (I fight for justice!)
Supa Black Man! (But nobody would trust us!)

[Verse 2:]
Fuck's this internet? I never heard of it.
Kitty-cat pics just account for a third of it.
Pictures of tits, for some fat kid to fap
Sittin' back, talkin' mack with some faggots playing Minecraft?
Fuck the shit, I don't even go online!
I send smoke signals, let my Nuckas know when it's time.
'Cause what I'm doing is fine, but what I do is a crime.
And when you look for truth, you won't always love what you find, yo.
I knocked over a couple buildings, my bad.
You'd understand with the life I had.
See, I was born in jail, I will die in jail
And if I see you in jail, I'll fuck your ass for real!
I never knew what wrong, I never knew what was right
I wasn't white, so I didn't know to read or to write
But I could fight, so I did. I killed and I stole shit!
My X-ray vision sees through the bullshit!

[Hook 2:]
Supa Black Man! (Yo, I'm from the streets!)
Supa Black Man! (I got smoky treats!)
Supa Black Man! (Man, fuck the police!)
Supa Black Man! (I got a gold piece!)

[Repeat Hook 1]

[News Announcer:] Chaos, on the streets of Detroit, as notorious black man, Rucka Rucka Ali, is finally arrested on eighty-five counts, of being black...
[Rucka Rucka Ali:] Let me go, man! This is some bullshit! This is just like when they arrested OJ! You know what I'm sayin'? That's an American hero! He rushed 2,000 yards in 1973... Free OJ!

[Hook 3:]
Supa Black Man! (Yo, I'm innocent!)
Supa Black Man! ('Cause I didn't do shit!)
Supa Black Man! (This is all some bullshit!)
Supa Black Man! ('Cause I didn't do shit!)

[Repeat Hook 1]

[Verse 3:]
So remember this day
I tried to help out, but the world all pushed me away, It's gay!
When will the hate end toward me!
When Jesus brings us some love and some pizza?
And he was black too, 'cause he a black Jew!
Tried to send a message, but it must not fax through
And if I ask, you where we all goin...
Would you say we got one whole pad he's only known as...

[Repeat Hook 1]

Supa Black Man! (Yo, I'm the blackest!)
Supa Black Man! (I know where the crack is!)
Supa Black Man! (I kill people for practice!)
Supa Black Man! (So you best wear jackets!)

Supa Black Man! (Yo, I'm here to help you!)
Supa Black Man! (I got drugs to sell you!)
Supa Black Man! (I fight for justice!)
But when we go to jail? Yeah, it's just us!

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