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Album: Y2K

No Exceptions


Life's full of love and hate
So we got crums to make
Survival's at stake
We under pressure
Still, we need to treasure
No exceptions, drastic measures
Its my life, no exceptions
Life's full of love and hate
So we got crums to make
Survival's at stake
We under pressure
Still, we need to treasure
No exceptions, drastic measures
You got one life, no exceptions

Now who ran guns with Bounty, did a joint with Rakim
A song with Mariah that had the whole world poppin
Who that be the R-A-Double P-E-R
Niggas fuck with this and they get sent to the E.R.
Now I'm rockin jams with the Screwball fam
They connected so thick, with them men in submission you know who ???
Screwball and the Mobb so sick
We repin' QB son, they wouldn't understand it
We roll so thick that niggas get Noyd
Niggas don't want it 'cuz Noyd bring noise
No way, niggas can't stop me, son it shocked me
They tried, I pulled out and popped three


Hey yo
Light the blunts up, cook the coke up
One Times out, so what motherfucker I'm tryin to blow up
And when they show up I put the cracks in the stash
The gats in the grass, when they roll I just blast
With no problem bumpin Primo, to niggas we know
You try, you die like Peschi in Casino
No exceptions to the rule, the Ball to the Screw
Go back like ";check one two";
Street gang to the rap game
Worldwide thang, thugstyle niggas feel the pain
Gotta go hard and sunshine they rain
Blow the block up, fuck niggas, with no exceptions

Im'a blow my steel, grab the chicken as a human sheild
Break elbows and wheel, no exception is the drill
Is it real, I'm cryin blunt retalitation
Follow ?wallet? for your information
4-1-1, scoop all we want dun-dun
Cash is the issue, while you blab about ya pistol
But you never blast a missle, ship your bagette pistol
Gettin scissors on they gun shot wound, you doomed
With no exception


Yo, the streets baptised me to money and war
Gettin yours is a law that we never ignore
We score twice or more, keep it moving twenty-four
We seven days with no rest, still fresh looking
Our names inflamed with the smell of tongue cooking
The hoods rotten, we see the ??? from the crabs plottin
The sneak kill, sabatoge our deal
But we overlook it, 'cuz our enviroment is crooked
And hard to finger who the D's got as a singer
Spillin the beans on the dealers and the fiends
So I move seperate and conversate with the connections
On the low key, gettin this money with no exceptions


Yeah thats right
We all Screwball up in here
No exceptions baby
My team go to any extreme to get the weight up
Streets don't stop, streets don't stop
No exceptions
Gotta get it, gotta get it
All in it to win it
Y'all heard
Streets don't stop for nothin and nobody

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