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Album: They Don't Know Us


So many haters are clockin our figures,
So many haters dont like us rakin papers,
When all we did was bring garage through,
>From the underground straight to you,
Used to wanna screw an boo now they wanna join the crew,

T to tha H U to tha G Thuggin an luvin till we D I E
M to tha A to tha C thats me, S K A T D,
Three thugs representin So solid family
Stackin the tricks an the bricks youll see...youll see

HAH HAH M A C'S takin over ladies call me cassanova,
I thought I told ya im a so solid souljah,
You see me comin in a thugged out rover,
Mind out cuz you will get run over,
Reason be im a so solid souljah reason be im a so solid souljah
Reason be im a so solid souljah I thought that I told ya

You wanna hate on me cuz im the one that's chosen,
Lookin kinda frozen, ILL double O flow you dunn- o dunn-o
So solid is a family, we got the key in this life to just make it break it,
Hate it don't ya yall better recognise real as a tru solid souljah


Now you believe in us,
Wanna roll widduss
Get lean widdusss
Before you was hatin usss,v Are you sure you believe in ussss,
You said we would never busss,
Now you hunny roll up an u smoke widduss,
Its better you bite the dusssst,
I'm crazy believe me, trussst,
Like a grenade Im bout to bussst,
While your playin your hatin usss,
When I bust all you see is dussst,
If you're here then your feelin usss,
I won't swear but I'm seriousss,
Suicide an dangeroussss,
So solid can you handle us, so solid can you handle usss



Spit Quick nigga goin to jail
You shot catz now im writin the ripz,
Equipped, better keep ma tongue on the bricks
I ride tha trebble an tha base im a vocalist
You must be mad to come and befriend Mac,
You see ya friend an im really ya friend now?,
Cuz if I hit you will ya really defend that,
Just remember that im walkin two gats!

Yaga yo,
Why you watchin me?
Why you clockin me?
Why you hatin me?
Why you bitin me?
Is it the ice I rock playa?
Is it the cream I rock playa?
Is it the hits is it the whips is it the chickz
Please lemme know


Why you be hatin ?
Its money im makin,
I'm demonstratin your hunny im takin
I talk now cuz the players are hatin,
I'm at home where the fun will be waitin.

Its on this year better beware,
Lyrics if they buss like a fire in line of duty
Its on this year better beware,
Clips if they buss like a fire in line of duty.

(MAC)v HAH Don't gimme no bullshit,
Hesitant never step to the clique
With the chrome magnum an the iced out clips,
An the ice on ma wrist,
Yall Haterz aint shhhhh
So solids ma clique
An we're makin the hits,
An we're makin you sick,
Cuz were spittin the bricks,
With the thuggish eclipse

*CHORUS * *4

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