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Album: (2007)
   Crank Dat Soulja Boy
   Snap And Roll
   I Got Me Some Bapes
   Pass It To Arab
   Soulja Girl
   Booty Meat
   Report Card
   She Thirsty
   Don't Get Mad
Album: Unsigned & Still Major Da Album Before Da Album (2007)
   Stop Then Snap
   Crank Dat Dance
   Booty Meat
   Soulja Boy Ain't Got No Money
   I Got Me Some Bapes
   Crank Dat Jump Rope
   Look At Me
   Give Me A High Five
Album: iSouljaBoyTellEm (2008)
   I'm Bout Tha Stax (Intro)
   Bird Walk
   Turn My Swag On
   Gucci Bandanna
   Kiss Me Thru The Phone
   Booty Got Swag
   Rubber Bands
   Hey You There
   Yamaha Mama
   Wit My Yums On
   Go Head
   Shoppin' Spree
   Soulja Boy Tellem
   Whoop Rico
   I Pray (Outro)
Album: The DeAndre Way (2010)
   First Day Of School
   Hey Cutie
   Speakers Going Hammer
   Pretty Boy Swag
   30 Thousand 100 Million
   Mean Mug
   Blowin' Me Kisses
   Do It Big
Album: Smooky (2011)
   Bitches Goin' Ham
   The Vampire Gang
   Save Our Community
   Get Money
Album: 1UP (2011)
   Weed Shoes
   Stacks On Deck
   Skinny Niggaz Running Shit
Album: Juice (2011)
   Zan Lean
   Too Juiced Up
   Rich Hoe
Album: Skate Boy (2011)
   Shawty Want A Xanex
   Let's Be Real
   Cheat Code Swag
Album: 50/13 (2012)
   5013 Intro
   Splash Out
   Evertything Blasted
   Fuck Around (Buck)
   Great Seal
   Love For The Streets
   Karl Lagerfield
Album: Obey (2012)
   More Than I Can
   Too Faded
   Say She Luv Me
Album: Promise (2012)
   I'm Boomin'
   My City
   Hold You Down
   Real Money (Cali Life)
   Swag Daddy
   Love Money
   I Love You
   Make My City Proud
   Swisher Sweet Swag
   I'm Winning
   Ocean Gang Splash
Album: Foreign (2013)
   Blow A Pack
   All Black
   Who Dat Boy
   I Got A Bag
   All I See Is Bandz
   Count It
   Hop Out
   I Can't Help It
   In My Zone
   Oprah Winfrey
   Real Things
   Red Eye
   Ride Foreign
   Rude AF
   Waddup Wit It
   Everything New
   Cash Swag
Album: Foreign 2 (2013)
   I Can't See Em
   Is U Ready
   No Game
   Pour Up'
   Soulja Walk
   Yea Yea
   Ask Around
   Look What I Just Did
   Everybody Hoe
   No Goons
   I Be High
Album: King Soulja (2013)
   Water Whippin'
   Slangin' Chickens
   King Music
   Headed To A check
   Foreign Whip
   What up
   Now Im On
   Jordans Gold Chains
   No Hook
   No Pad No Pen
   Straight Out The Trap
   Trap Swag
   Im Gettin' Money
   Come On
   Catch Me If you Can
   I'm Gettin' It
Album: Cuban Link (2013)
   Cuban Link
   Pockets Fat
   Fire Flame
   Guap Down
Album: Life After Fame (2013)
   Alotta Bandz
   Life After Fame
Album: 23 (2013)
   She Got That Swag
   Jackie Chan
   Mr. Miyagi
   Sippin Lean
   The King
   So Much Ice
   All The Time
   Bugatti Mastered
   Racks In My Jeans
Album: Super Dope (2014)
   Triple Beam
   Fuck That Flo
   Time Is Money
Album: King Soulja II (2014)
   Fire Flame
   I Got That Sack
   Phone Call
Album: Loyalty (2015)
   We Don't Fight
   Og Gas
   Don't Nothing Move But The Money
   Hit It
   Foreign Whip
   Drop Head Phantom
   Still Whippin'
Album: Young Millionaire (2014)
   Whole Lotta
   Pablo Escobar
   New Coupes
   Count Money
   So Fresh
   Mucho Guapo Pronto
   Michael Jordan
   Balenciaga And Red Bottoms
   Trap Boy Soulja
   You Already Know
Album: King Soulja 3 (2014)
   All Black
   Tony Hawk
   Come Try It
Album: King Soulja VI (2016)
   New Designer
   Real Ones
   Hit Them Folks
   Diamonds Bitin'
   Diamonds Bitin' (Remix)
   I'm Up Now
Album: 25 The Movie (2015)
   So Cold
   Ain't Scared to Go Get Money
   Spend It All
   More Money
   Codeine Cold
Album: S.Beezy (2015)
   Make It Rain
   Straight To The Bank
   Broke The Rim
Album: M & M: Money & Music (2015)
   Stripper Song
   Chun Li
   Pineapple Fanta
   Switching Lanes
   Thinking What I'm Thinking
   So Right
   Up In Da Trap
   Bitch Go Bam
   High School
Album: Real Soulja 4 Life (2016)
   Wrist In The Bowl
   All About Paper
Album: King Soulja IV (2015)
   From Chiraq
   Rick Ross
   Macho Man Randy Savage
   I Got Them Bands
   Whippin' My Wrist
   Forgot What Happen Yesterday
   What Is You Saying
   Money Phone
   It Will Never Stop
   Getting Figures
   Trap Nigga
Album: Swag The Mixtape (2015)
   Money Be Coming In
   Yeen Heard
   Gettin Dough
   What I Know
   Came And Got Rich
   I Never Say Sorry
   Lingo (Watch Me Swag)
Album: Better Late Than Never (2016)
   Pineapple Fanta
   Her Body
   Young Nigga
Album: other songs
   All Black Everything
   Go To War
   Inked Up
   Pretty Boy Swag (Remix)
   Rich Girl
   Swag Flu

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