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Album: Revelations

Rough 2 the Endin'

(Rough till the endin)(Till the endin) --> Big Daddy Kane

[ VERSE 1 ]
Check it, I wreck every record
Cause it's a fact that me and Ak, we don't lack
We got excess, we comin express on the track
We runnin over the wack
And MC's, we got the bomb
And it's fatter than Dom DeLuise
You can't see the knees
That's how fat it is
So that it is
I know it like a poet
And I owe it to my peeps, so I keeps on top
Like a wig, ya dig?
It's the nig with the six fig status
According to my rhyming apparatus
I am nimbocumulus, and you are just a stratus
I tower over
I got the power nova
I move tides when my rhyme collides
I cause rockslides
I open the ground with sound
That's bound to drown a small town
Or village, causing spillage into the forest
I'm rougher than Chuck Norris
Only he's pretending
And my shit is rough till the endin

(Rough till the endin)
(Till the endin)

[ VERSE 2 ]
Up in solitary confinement
My mind went
Now I'm bent
And starin at cement
Repeatin and repeatin
Every lyrical beatin
I ever gave
Boy, you better behave
Save the brave role
Cause it don't matter how old
Or young, you're gettin hung
Straight from the ceiling
Straight from the ceiling
Don't fake the feeling
I'm comin out peeling
So you can put your hands up
But it don't stands up
So bring your mans up
Anybody, yo, I shot em with the shotie
Word to Gotti, I need a puddy
I'm shittin, my shit is hittin
Like a collision, I get a commission
While you're wishin
I'm fat, and you're malnutritioned
And I'm fully conditioned
Like a room with a AC
Burn me? Are you crazy?
Stop pretending
I'm rough till the ending(Rough till the endin)
(Till the endin)

[ VERSE 3 ]
I'm comin straight from scratch
There ain't no muthafuckin match
But I got a lighter
If you wanna be a fighter
I think you mighta
Did a lot better with a one-nighter
And yet you wanna get with a vet
You put a can-can in the middle of 'Nam
You'll get attacked and ate raw
By the war pack
But I never swine
Never mind, I'm fine
But come test, and you'll rest in a shrine
Forevermore, nevermore
Have I felt so raw
Unlock the door
Because I'm comin on stage
But stand back from the cage
Because I maim, they can't tame
At any age I rip off the head with the whip
Now give me that microchip
And them papers
I'm runnin capers
I got the nuclear vapors
Fuck the spot, I'ma blow up the world
You just mad because I towed up your girl
And sent her back lookin like Raggedy Ann
She said her man was like Faggedy Dan
But I'm not him
I'm rough till the end

(Rough till the endin)
(Till the endin)

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