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Album: Revelations

Walk the Walk

This right here
For all them niggas that like to talk
Talk the talk
You better walk the walk
Cause one of these days
When I see you in the dark

[ VERSE 1 ]
I wage war on stage or street
I battle defeat
You get shot like tetanus
Feel the wetness
I'm in a rush
No time to sigh
Now die
Shit is so fly that I gotta get clearance
In case I enter air space interference
Mach 1
When I rock, son
Cause I take off
While you make fake soft
Little jingles
Sell a few singles
But that ain't shit
Cause a hit ain't a hit without the lyricalist
And at 22
I'm takin any crew
At any time
Cause many rhyme
But a lemon ain't a lime
And I don't falsify to get by
You must be more than herbally high
To verbally comply
To my vocal range
I get strange when I change
Into the syllable killer
So beware
Cause I'll be there
Lurkin, workin
Till your head hurtin

(Hey yo Ed) What? (Niggas wanna talk!)
(Now let's see if they walk the walk!) (3x)

[ VERSE 2 ]
I break and bruise the backs
Of musical acts
Cause I slam harder than a steel door
I'm real raw, so nigga, what you feel for?
I'm straight to the point, like a line
Me and this mic of mine
Stay tight, whether I write or freestyle
You see style
You never thought existed
I'm unlisted
You can look, but you'll never locate
Where I rotate
Cause I never stop or rest, and I ain't
You get wet like paint
You feel faint, you wanna faint
You can't stand me, the man with the stuff
Come with bullshit and get snuffed, cream puff
You are pastry
Cause you be tasty
When I'm eatin em
Beatin em into men's meat
I never been sweet
You don't wanna come on my street
In the heat
Son, gashes
Hot flashes
Sun first
I come gun first
Feet second
I keep wreckin
So you can keep on checkin[ CHORUS ]

[ VERSE 3 ]
I'm nice like a old lady
Similak, baby
Pure, nourrishing
Rhymes flourishing
I know you're starvin, come and get a taste
Bring the beef and I'll discard the waste
Shit ain't the same
Things done changed
Now I got your whole life re-arranged
Till I say so
Now you're livin every day slow
Cause everybody nervous
But this is professional mic service
Dummy, now give me the money
Before I put one in your honey
Cause Sonny don't Cher
Hands in the air
I drug it so rugged, those panty hose tear
I give you a run for yours
I won wars
I burn niggas like sauce
Don't ever underestimate the power of the force
Mark Spark the chalk
And turn the lights off dark
Seance, no response
You can't believe you can't breathe
Cause when you're from the ave you never leave


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