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Album: Legal

Ready 2 Attack

[ VERSE 1 ]
Well, it's 1990, '89 has ended
Now it's time for all those who pretended
To settle and cease with the noise
You and your boys - it's time to put away the toys
Christmas is over and this is my resolution
To stop the confusion
Let the fresh get fresh and the stale get staler
And throw em in a pale of
Trash with the other trash and smash down the lid
For all the weak shit they did
Never in my life have I seen such preposterous behavior
And you got no flavor
Can't taste the juice cause I got the matz
I heard you paid for your _Billboard_ spots
Honest, I promise, I am not a liar
Can't you understand that I am flier than a flyer
No need to try a stunt like that
Never in my life could I front like that
On _Soul Train_ with your brand new hit
When it wasn't even playin cause you ain't sayin -
Nothin, cause they're wacker than wack
Yo Ak - get ready to attack

(Crushin MC's that be tryin to riff) --> Big Daddy Kane

[ VERSE 2 ]
People say 'new jack', what jack?
You wanna get slapped, Jack
Or get flipped like a flapjack?
I been rockin rhymes and I been rockin mics
Ever since you was on BMX bikes
You was busy braggin bout the mags on your honey
I was in Flatbush tryin to get money
Brooklyn, crookin up the whole damn place
Want to truck jewelry, don't turn your face
But I don't resort to those sort of things
I don't wear big chains or big rings
Gold was stole from caves full of slaves
Now black-on-black, and you're free as waves
In the ocean, without a notion
Am I surfin fast over your head?
Maybe you need glasses or classes in Special Ed
Let me see -
I can fit you in on Monday at 3
Tuesdays is use days
And Wednesdays is friends days
And Thursdays is her's days
And Fridays is my days
And Saturdays is fun days
And Sunday's the one day
I rest, give thanks and bless
Again on Monday I will be back
Yo Ak - get ready to attack(Crushin MC's that be tryin to riff) --> Big Daddy Kane

[ VERSE 3 ]
Man your position, let's start dishin
Straight out battlin, no intermission
Ain't no stoppin us, ain't no toppin us
I suggest your best bet is drop and just
Run and don't stop until you drop
You might break your hip, but just hip-hop
But if you wanna go through it, the proceeding
Get a doc, cause when I rock you'll be needing
Medical attention - critical condition
Surgeon's callin, consult a physician
Get a prescription, go to the pharmacy
That's what happens when you don't want harmony
I'm not violent, I stay silent and mutual, I'm neutral
But negative souls wanna interreact
Then I get ready to attack
Yo Ak - let's attack

(Crushin MC's that be tryin to riff) --> Big Daddy Kane

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