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Album: The Parlay (2013)


Back at the crib on Grand River across from Mahlon Street
Parking lot was always poppin'
Threw it up like every week
Yeah, that was the blue crib where I started making music
Had the room under the stairs
I was rappin' in my computer
Studying game, mastering flows
Record that shit and show it to my boys
Never to chos, it wasn't ready
I wasn't sure if people would hear it and still accept me
I got songs that ain't nobody hear and still accept me
Unacceptable, it was decision time
I decided ain't nobody ill as me at kickin' rhymes
Mind made up
Spittin' like I made commission
Blind to the bullshit
Grinding with tunnel vision
And I'm

At it again, at it again
At it again, I'm at it again
At it again, at it again
At it again, back at it again
At it again, at it again
At it again, I'm at it again
At it again, at it again
Turn that talkin' to static again

Uh, at the condo off Lake Lansing and Barclay
Had the studio, second floor, end of the hallway
Where Moe would sleep
Both of us struggling, both of us juggling class and work
To make the music last, we put it first
Don't nobody know the time spent
Be we weren't bout to look back at this music shit
And wonder where the time went
Late nights plottin' a takeover
A couple of new faces, the game need a makeover
We got it Jay!
One year and three mixtapes later, we set it off
That was just the icing on the cake
They think I said it all?
No sir, I needed rap more than ever
Put the rest on the back burner
I wanted this shit forever
Ain't nothin' changed


Now it's apartment 11 off of Redondo
The scenery changed but we still workin' like we at the condo
It's just, the stakes are higher
So money is on the table
And it's harder tryna market
Be the artist and the label, but
I swear I love it though
I'm never satisfied
I only sleep to dream again and bring the dream alive
I'm writing suicide, puttin' my heart in this shit
And killin' it, the same as when I started this shit
It's all in my soul now
I took it where it's warmer 'cuz I'm cold now
I'm tryna get the headlines
I'm sick of the scroll down
Stickin' to the essence
You can resent it
But ain't nobody progressin' like this
And still keep it authentic
Boy I'm


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