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Album: The Parlay (2013)

Forever Feel

I grew up with some brothers, we'd always talk about gettin' the money
One way or another, then split it up with each other
We were the shit back then, it would never change, right?
One of us would get a break and we'd get everything, right?
Not so fast, time passed and we skated by
Weekdays, skipped class, weekends, faded
Wow, people got jobs, got bread, got graded high
I was rappin' in a city no rapper had made it out
I decided I'mma do it, took a year went MIA
Music started doing numbers, I was seeing better days
We were hitting milestones quicker than expected
My team was killing it, you couldn't accept it
Why though? You'd always acted like we'd hit the lotto
I was looking like the ticket, you had too much pride to follow
I tried to tell you this was everything we'd hoped for
I wasn't gonna beg you so I had to close the door

You coulda made it with me, we coulda had it all
I let you take your time, I swear I waited for y'all
You never got it though, maybe you never will
Now it's time for me to go and see how forever feel
It's real now, I'mma be a big deal now
Same vision but the view is looking surreal now
Nobody left behind, you chose to stay
You can hide the past but it never goes away

You were busy living, I was on a mission
Couple times I tried to talk, you acted like you listened
Then it came time to act, you always came up missing
Not really surprised, though
I was never one to get the love from other suckers I know
All I did is fuck around, become the hardest act to follow in my city
Kicking dudes up off the stage like its Apollo in my city
Couple years of disrespect got me hollow in my city
But that's only for a few, you gotta think it's probably you
Ahh damn, you prolly thought I wouldn't break through, huh man?
Now everyday you look more and more like a fan
I never understood the hate but I hate it
Now even when I get love I feel like it's late, we so underrated
I'm tryna beat the system when nobody thinks you can
Until you do it, then they listen
Then they come around when they ain't got no pot to piss in
And they see you winning off of shit you did for kicks in the beginning
They don't see behind the scenes, they ignore you until they see you living dreams
Man you saw me everyday, guess you ain't see anything, damn


I guess it is what it is, my motivation is this
To make 'em hear me till the ignorance is piss
Like when all your friends came to the house
You thought you were the man
Until you heard they all got my name in they're mouth
It's coming full circle for me
Now I'm gone but you can't escape me
I've been fast-laning on 'em with no belt for the safety
I'm so made for this shit, I swear I slaved for this shit
Mention me with legends or I won't be okay with this shit
'Cuz I lost it all for the chase, no guarantee I'mma make it
But this is where they separate real from the ones that fake it
So adios to my quote-on-quote competition, I'm moving up
Talkin' about your hopes and dreams but you don't do enough
Say you'd kill for my spot, word? Would you die for it?
Yeah? That's a flat lie
Me? I'd flatline for it
Don't be surprised if I don't recognize you when you come to me
Telling me you finally opened your eyes
By then I'll be long gone, you could have made it with me
Yeah, by then I'll be long gone, you could have made it with me
Now you're just the words to a song

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