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Album: The Parlay (2013)

Thank You In Advance

Cool nights get the mind right
Lookin' at the dark sky make me hungry for the limelight
All I ever think about is makin' it
Buyin' all this studio equipment, I don't know if I can pay for it
Fans say I'm they're favorite, better than my favorite rappers
And I'm supposed to wrap my head around it
All these hours in my room got me feelin' grounded
What if I say everything but you don't like the way it sounded?
I'm too open with it now, and it got me unprotected
The kid that you grew up with ain't the kid that you expected
To put his name in the envelope, push it and get accepted
But I put on for the city and now everyone's affected
Like it or not, ignoring truth don't make it fallacy
Most of you would drop the ball, you juggle what I'm balancing
Nervous but I know that these butterflys got a purpose
So I keep it hidden but I kill 'em every time they surface
Every time I spit, it's a confession
And I'm reminded that is an unforgiving profession
Me against the world, me and whoever in my corner
I left my girl for this shit, and I ain't even warn her
I chose the life that I love over the love of my life
I don't regret it but I prolly couldn't do it twice

Everybody who believe in me has made me who I am
We gon' make it 'cuz we gotta, let me thank you in advance

The luggage that I been carrying is heavy
But I've been lifting the weight of the world and so I'm ready
I used to let 'em slide, I got a bitter past
But I'm quarterbackin' now and they don't gotta get a pass
Left things unsaid, came back, said it
Left my city, I'mma come back, get it
They be talkin' like I'm deaf, when I come back deaded
'Cuz I left, dead broke, I'mma come back, breaded
I'm all in, the chip on my shoulder is on the table now
And all my people standing 'round it, I can't let the table down
They cannot relate, everyone want everything
Me? I made a choice and put that shit up on my plate
'Cuz what you bitchin' about if you don't give it everything you got?
If I hear another complaint, I'mma flip out, you don't deserve it
I'm workin' while they partyin', what, you think I prefer it?
But you don't get rewarded for partyin', gotta earn it
I learned it by watching all these wannabe celebrities
Do it for attention, never do what no one ever sees
It ain't glamorous, 99% of this shit is behind the scenes
All they know is what they see through cameras
You don't gotta like it but you will respect the grind
I appreciate the loyalty, that shit is hard to find

Everybody who believe in me has made me who I am
We gon' make it 'cuz we gotta, let me thank you in advance

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