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Album: Thoughts Of A Predicate Felon (2005)

Project Princess

(feat. Jagged Edge)

[Jagged Edge] Yeah yeah, yeah yeah ohhhh, J.E. [repeat 2X]

[Intro: Tony Yayo]
Yeah ma (whassup?) I mean
You know we been goin through some things, you know? (mmmm-hmm)
We could work it out though
You my project princess, you know? (I believe that)
I put some princess cuts on you or somethin, I dunno ma
You know you could spend some money on ME (uhhhh-huh)
It's aight, you know, you do whatever
Mm (just do that then)

[Tony Yayo]
Every man need a woman when his life is a mess
Cause the queen can take a king like a game of chess
And I know your ring finger, connect to your heart
Wake up in the mornin and the drama start
"Yo I can't live with him, and can't live without him
But once I hit him, I know that I got him"
Sippin Dom P and the Cristal Rose
Moet Nectar got you takin off your clothes
Your eyes on me cause my wrists is froze
There's players in here, but it's me you chose
These ain't Pumas on my feet, they G-Unit ma
I'm a rapper that's livin like a movie star
It's like every other day we in Japan or Brazil
But Yayo ain't the one that's payin your light bills
You only want me cause I'm makin the mil's
When I hit it from the back I got you hooked like quills

[Chorus: Jagged Edge]
Baby you're my, princess - treat you like royalty (baby you)
Cause you know that you're special to me
In your head is where I wanna be
If you're hurt you can call me (baby you're myyyy)
Baby you're my, princess – when you're down I'll help you smile
I like you and I like your style
Don't rush, we can wait a while (everything you need)
One day we can walk the aisle
Baby you're my, princess

[Tony Yayo]
Don't glance at the jewels, you can't afford this
My wrist your car note, my chain your mortgage
I go downtown and lick, my tongue searchin
My head between your legs, I eat your fur-burger
Mama our sex game's on a whole 'nother level
I did {?} on the roof, and I nicknamed her Pebbles
So girl deep throat, or take off your blouse
In the speedboat, in back of my house
So you could come to my condo and watch a movie
But I'm tired of you sayin that you not a groupie
You my project princess, diamonds and princess
Leave your man, cause ma you been stressed
And I love when you wear that real thin dress
You my mistress, matter fact princess
I buy you diamonds 'til your neck feels senseless
Or fly the world in brand new Leer jet

[Chorus w/ ad libs]

[Jagged Edge]
I ain't tryin to be your buddy and
Your body I been studyin (yeahhhh)
And your friends they be hatin and
I scoop you up for the weekend (oh oh)
Your love I been tryin to win
One knee in front of all your friends (yeahhhh)
Your love I can't afford to miss
These so-called playas wouldn't tell you this

[Chorus w/ ad libs]

[Tony Yayo]
Ha ha, ma you know you my princess
Um, I mean, I take you to see Jacob
Beth in Jersey, you know, Ice Man in L.A
You don't even know who I'm talkin about
They all jewelers baby, heheheh
Five karats, three karats, one karat
Or maybe a cubic zirconium, ha ha
I'm just playin wit'chu ma, you know
I could be your father, your friend and your lover baby
You know? You my princess baby, got love for you
Ha ha

[Jagged Edge]
Yeah yeah, yeah yeah ohhhh, J.E. [repeat 2X]

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