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Album: Short Dog's In The House
   Short Dog's in the House
   It's Your Life
   The Ghetto
   Short But Funky
   In the Oaktown
   Dead or Alive
   Punk Bitch
   Ain't Nuthin But a Word to Me
   Hard on the Boulevard
   Paula & Janet
   Rap Like Me
Album: Shorty The Pimp-Explicit
   Intro: Shorty the Pimp
   In the Trunk
   I Ain't Nothin But a Dog
   No Love From Oakland
   I Want to Be Free (That's the Truth)
   Step Daddy
   It Don't Stop
   So You Want to Be a Gangster
   Somethin to Ride To
Album: Gettin' It
   Gettin' It
   Survivin' the Game
   That's Why
   Bad Ways
   Fuck My Car
   Take My Bitch
   Buy You Some
   Pimp Me
   Baby D
   Nasty Rhymes
   Never Talk Down
   I Must Confess
Album: You Nasty
   Anything is Possible
   You Nasty
   Pimp Shit
   Just Like Dope
   Call Me Daddy
   Where They At?
   2 Bitches
   All the Time
   Don't Hate the Player
Album: Chase The Cat
   Keep Fuckin' Me
   I Luv
   Late Night Creep
   These Are the Tales
   This How We Eat
   Candy Paint
   Can I Hit It
   Chase the Cat
   Don't Ever Give Up
   Domestic Violence
   Player For Life
   Analyze the Game
   Talkin' Shit
Album: Born To Mack
   Mack Attack
   Freaky Tales
   Dope Fiend Beat
   Little Girls
Album: Can't Stay Away
   Can't Stay Away (Can't Stay Away )
   Ain't No Bitches
   Can't Stop
   Here We Go (J.D. Remix)
   More Freaky Tales
   Good Life
   How Does it Feel
   What Happened to the Groupies
   Can't Stay Away
Album: Cocktails
   Ain't Nuthin Like Pimpin
   Can I Get A Bitch
   Coming Up $hort
   Thangs Change
   Givin up the Funk
   Top Down
   We Do This
   Sample The Funk
   Don't Fuck for Free
Album: Get In Where You Fit In
   Don't Fight the Intro
   I'm a Playa
   Just Anotha Day
   Gotta Get Some Lovin'
   Money In The Ghetto
   Blowjob Betty
   All My Bitches Are Gone
   The Dangerous Crew
   Get In Where You Fit In
   Playboy $hort
   Way Too Real
   It's All Good
   Oakland Style
Album: other songs
   Blow Job Betty
   Fight The Feelin
   Gettin It
   Life Is Too Short
   My Dick, My Sack
   Survivin The Game
   T.w.d.y. - Player's Holiday
   Yo Neck Yo Back
Album: Don't Stop Rappin' (1985)
   I Don't Stop Rappin'
   Short Rap
   Female Funk
   Playboy Short
Album: Players (1985)
   From Here To New York
   Don't Ever Stop
   Wild Wild West
   Coke Dealers
Album: Raw, Uncut And X-Rated (1986)
   Invasion Of The Flat Booty Bitches
   Oakland, California
   The Bitch Sucks Dick
   Blowjob Betty
Album: Life Is... Too Short (1988)
   Life is Too $hort
   I Ain't Trippin
   Don't Fight the Feeling
   Pimp the Ho
   Life Is... Too Short
   I Ain't Trippin'
   Nobody Does It Better
   Don't Fight The Feelin'
   City Of Dope
   Pimp The Hoe
Album: Gettin' It (Album Number Ten) (1996)
   Gettin' It
   Survivin' The Game
   That's Why
   Bad Ways
   Fuck My Car
   Take My Bitch
   Buy You Some
   Pimp Me
   Baby D
   Nasty Rhymes
   Never Talk Down
   I Must Confess
   So Watcha Sayin'
Album: What's My Favorite Word? (2002)
   Triple X
   Get That Cheese
   That's Right
   The Old Fashioned Way
   Quit Hatin' Pt. 1
   Quit Hatin' Pt. 2
   Female Players
   Pimp Life
   Call It Gangster
   Set Up
   She Loves Her
Album: Married To The Game (2003)
   What She Gonna Do?
   That's How It Goes Down
   You Can't Fuck With Us
   Shake That Monkey
   Burn Rubber
   Hey, Let's Go
   Hobo Hoeing
   Get It
   Married To The Game
   California Girls
   What's A Pimp?
   Don't Act Like That
   Short Short
Album: Blow The Whistle (2006)
   Call Her A Bitch
   Blow The Whistle
   Burn Rubber Pt. 2
   Keep Bouncin' (Street)
   Pimpin' Forever
   Money Maker
   Strip Down
   Nothing Feels Better
   16 Hoes
   I Want Your Girl
   It's Time To Go
   Shake It Baby
Album: Pimpin' Inc. (2006)
   A Pimp's Theme Music
   Hard On A Bitch
   Where The Pimps At?
   I'm Pimpin'
   I'm A Pimp
   Pimping Forever
   Back Back
   Buy U Some 2
   I'm Wit It
   Cootie Cootie Coo
   I Wanna Do It
   Pimpin' Inc.
   I Wanna Pimp You Hoe
   We Want It
   It's About That Money
Album: Get Off The Stage (2007)
   Get Off The Stage
   Broke Bitch
   This My One
   Shittin' On 'Em
   Gangstas & Strippers
   Pull Them Panties Down
   I Like It
   It Ain't Over
Album: Still Blowin' (2010)
   Maggot Brain
   I'm Gone
   I Want That
   Fed Up
   Player Card
   Still Blowin'
   All For Love
   I'm A Pimp
   Checking My Hoes
   Lil' Shorty
   International Player
   Porno Bitch
Album: Respect The Pimpin' (2010)
   Bitch I'm A Pimp
   Respect The Pimpin'
   That's Not Your Bitch
   Get Ya Money
   Ya'll Ready
   Bitches Need Love Too
Album: No Trespassing (2012)
   Playa Fo Life
   Trying To Come Up
   Cush Cologne
   The Magazine
   I'm A Stop
   Hog Ridin'
   Porno Bitch
   Shut Up Nancy
   Double Header
   Respect The Pimpin'

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