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Album: Dope Boy Troy (2017)

Donald Pump

Diss songs, funnies piss-ons
Nobody listens
Bitch ones, riding dick ones that I take grips from
I'm a dealer turned successful rapper
Where your hits, son?
You a dirty nigga who don't matter, eat a big one
I'ma eat these moneybags equipped with all the fixings
Cars, clothes, cribs, hoes preferably vixens
Haters ain't want me to breathe
They ain't know have my Vicks on
Jail ain't want me to leave
Half a million I put my chips up

Trump saying Make America Great Again
Troy Ave saying Bake & Water Whip Weight Again
Trump saying Make America Great Again
Troy Ave saying Bake & Water Whip Weight Again

I'm wearing floor-length furs and a bulletproof, it's a cold world
I'ma a dope boy, I can only love a dope girl
A chick that's gon' set it, not a chick that don't get it
She hold you back from putting in pain
You let it, that's pathetic
Only real niggas get to ride on my tour
They repo'd his car, he ain't driving no more
I left the court room dragging my mink on the floor
While I couldn't perform I kept it clean flipping raw (powder)

Trump saying Make America Great Again
Troy Ave saying Bake & Water Whip Weight Again
Trump saying Make America Great Again
Troy Ave saying Bake & Water Whip Weight Again

You open up the Daily News and other media sources
See all types of shit about
"Troy Ave was in court today wearing a floor-length fur, a bulletproof vest, and a hat that promotes cooking crack"
See how the fuck media embellishes shit?
First of all, I wore floor-length fur because I'm in New York City dead of winter and it's cold as fuck
I wore a bulletproof vest because these bitch niggas keep trying to assassinate me
Can't move how the fuck I want to move
I'm on an ankle bracelet
These pussy niggas know that
They would've never try this shit before
As far as saying Bake & Water Whip Weight Again
I'm promoting my shit
I've worn Givenchy out the court
Dolce and Gabbana to the Raymond
I didn't hear nothing' bout it
When I rock my own shit it's a headline
That was an expensive merchandise collaboration that I did for White Christmas with Hustler Wolf
Its genuine red python hand distressed 100% embroidered woven patches
None of that cheap shit these other niggas be peddlin'
Them shits available right now at
I only had 200 and they sold the fuck out
Government restricted me from working for 8 to almost 9 months
These other niggas would've been broke as fuck, nigga
They living check to check, rent to rent
By the grace of God I'm a hustler
And I'ma get it regardless
The fuck I look like without no bank
I'ma get another 200, put them shits up for sale too
It was 199 I dropped the price
I dropped the price to 130 for Black History Month
Nigga, I done made nearly 206, 000 cash
God is great when paper straight
I know where the fuck I'm at
And what the fuck I'm facing
I ain't no ignorant ass nigga, nigga
I wore court attire to court
A white button down Versace shirt, fitted PRPS denims, slightly off my waist, Gucci belt, Gucci frames, with the matching Gucci shoes
These niggas feeding you bullshit
Troy Ave feeding you real shit, enjoy

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