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Home >> Ultramagnetic MC's >> Live at Tramps (July 11, '97)
Album: B-Side Companion

Live at Tramps (July 11, '97)

{Moe Love cuts in the background}
[C.Gee] Yo, yo gimme some of that, gimme some of that
That.. relax, relax.. relax
[Keith] This is Dr. Octagon with lyrics
Funkmaster style quick, unique, with the hype shit
[C.Gee] Come on, bring him up, come on
[Keith] The dope shit, the funny shit, the unique shit
[C.Gee] Uhh!
[Keith] I get swift with the hype, the lyrical

[Kool Keith]
Supersonic hyper doper switch when I come with
lyrical I swing with, non-stop, heads bop
Niggaz drop, to the floor, the scene I get mean
Lyrical dream -- with the brother in the backseat
when I come with the bad beat
Smack unique shit, when I come legit black hit
One two, fast or slow, check as I go
Sing-Sing, swing-swing, on the go-go tip
Lyrics {scratch} like, when I crush you
rush you, lyrics I come, they bust through
The man in the backseat switchin
Check out as I lyrical dish em, switchin up and down
Hyper type of, funky shit, unique sweet
Complete the unique, style, lyrically the baddest
but not like Gladys Knight and the Pips
Unique sweet, comin down
walkin down your motherfuckin street, with heat
Yes non-stopper, I rocka
chick-check one-two, lyrical I step through
lyrical piles and polygons
That's the psygon, unique, SUPERIOR delivery
(that's right, that's right)
Exquisite expansion range
Top notch, when I come like, Mayor Ed Koch
You be walkin through sayin
yes to the man right there
I'm talkin to, you (Doctor Ock)
One two, bring the whole motherfuckin groove (Doctor Ock)
and let's do the do, one two (Doctor Ock)
Check in, went it with the shit, non-stop legit
Lyve it up, live it up
Yo, motherfuckers throw your hands up
and give it up, when I say
this is the way, we sway unique
Turntables, J.C. play, one-two, time is up
";Dr. Octagon"; one two, the rhyme is up
";Dr. Octagon"; non-stop, cut em
Check as I, smack the nigga ";Dr. Octagon";
with the black heat, yo, check

[C.Gee] Put your motherfuckin hands up come on
[Keith] Robot, robotic lyrics
Check out the man ";Dr. Octagon";
Yo.. signin off y'all ";Dr. Octagon";
[C.Gee] Doc Ock, that's right, Doc Ock
Doc Ock, Doc Ock
It's Doc Ock, it's Doc Ock
[Keith] Yeah, Sir Menelik around

[Dr. Octagon]
Dr. Octagon, come to the office, come now
(uh-oh) Oh fuck! (UH-OH!) YEAH!
Patient just died in room one-oh-five
Why don't y'all say BLUE FLOWERS!!
Cirroshis of the eye
[Gee] We got the motherfuckin Doctor in the house
Nurse come in please, where are you?

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