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Album: EZ Listening

Aint Got Class

stepped on a roach and i heard a click
tripped on my rug and i broke my dick
it's time to beat my wife then head to the mall
but i slipped in the shower and i broke my balls
hopped in the car, stepped on the gas
springs in the seat got stuck in the hole of my ass
blew a red light, said fuck this shit
almbulance drivin by and i almost got hit

just woke up and i get out of bed
fat bitch wife came and hit me in the head
bitch what you doin, i gotta get dressed
took a step back and punched the bitch in the chest.
when she got up, she came back chargin.
jiggly ass lookin like a tub full of margarine.
bitch got pissed started jumpin up and down,
broke the foundation and she fell through the ground.

joe get yo ass out the house
with your fat ho lookin like jerry krause

threw on my pants, laced up my shoes
goin to the temple cause we both hate the jews

nah, we can't go to the temple you bitch,
gotta head to the doctor cause my fuckin balls itch
and i got a bad cough from smokin on trees
and everytime i take a piss all i see is cheese.
i think that girl from the club gave me a disease.

you talkin about that 14 year old girl who was on her knees?

yeah, i think she's the one who gave me these fleas.
i hope no one finds out, or im headed to the penitentary

fine, you better make this quick
my head really hurts and i bruised my dick.

that's cool but first i wanna get drunk
got a bottle of 151 in the trunk
drink that shit up, don't leave a drop

if you see a red light, don't even stop

fuck that shit, bitch, here, take a puff.
all i give a damn about is droppin these nuts.

now we're poppin pills and we can't even see
we're goin off road and we almost hit a tree
it seemed like this trip was taking too long
so i did a few lines and i wrote this song

we aint got class, we aint got class
we aint got class,

god damn, i just got paged, who is it?
my peice of shit son's mom wants me to pay a visit
i gotta give her money or my ass is in jail
but it all goes to food cause she eats like a whale.
and my sons a little scumbag, skinny and short.
likes to fuck guys and he sucks in sports
he always ditches class, gets f's on his reports
i gotta pay the bitch or i'll end up in court.

man, i hope my wife is ok,

no you don't, you killed that bitch anyway!

yeah, you're right

we aint got class
we aint got class

DAMN, MY FEET SMELL, got an empty tank,
I ATE THE LAST PILL.. lets go rob a bank

hell yeah fool, glad i brought my guns
go kill some jews and collect my funds
walk through the door, we both scream FREEZE
all of y'all bitches better get on ya KNEES

bitch, fill the bag up with two 20s
we just came here cause we need gas money.
got in the car and we headed out fast
but we got a flat tire and we ran out of gas

cops are on our ass, chasing us around
felt a pain in my back and fell to the ground
pulled out my gat and began bustin caps
then i crawled to the bushes cause i had to take a crap
took a shit on a squirrel, climbed up a tree
then i fell cause i got stung by a bee

got shot in the leg, praying for my health
but i can't find joe and i'm by myself
the cops are on his ass and he's finna be dead
so i just shoot myself in the muthafuckin head

we aint got class
we aint got class

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