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Album: EZ Listening

Wash Yo Ass

oooh giiirrl.
can't you see
what your sickness is doin to me
i need some relief
don't you know why i'm always brushin my teeth
every night i pray to god to give me some hope
please try this soap

and baby you know i just wanna touch it
but we both said that we're not gonna rush it
and i promised you that i would try to make it,
but i don't know how much longer i can take it
and it breaks my heart just to tell you
that it makes me puke every time that i smell you
honey i'm getting on my knees
baby all it takes is a little summers eve

oh wash yo ass, you stinky bitch wash yo ass
oh wash yo ass, you smell like fish so wash yo ass

what else can i do?
i get seasick everytime that i'm with you.
you know it's not right
that i have to change the sheets three times a night
ooh, you smell like a moose
here is this douche

and baby there's nothing else that i can say
cause i smell you coming from a mile away
you remember the time i hid you in the trunk,
all of my friends thought i ran over a skunk.
and all the germans wanna take yo ass
and kill some jews with your poisonous gas
if it's infected, please go see a doctor
but otherwise all you need is some vinegar and water

oh wash yo ass, you reak of shit so wash yo ass
oh wash yo ass

some people don't understand the words that i sing
cause my balls and my nuts are 2 different things
my balls hang low and they like to swing swing
while my nuts is the sticky thing that shoots out my dingaling

when I walk, they be jingling from side to side.
better get some downey freshness, or some muthafuckin tide
cause when your ass comes around, all my friends run and hide,
i gotta get a nose plug, cause you smell like a wet rug

or better yet a dead bug, smashed against the dry wall,
goin to the store, better get yo ass some lysol
30 pack of midol, and pass up the tuna,
sprayin glade up yo ass till you smell like petunias

so listen, there's a point i'm making and you're missin.
and you're wondering how your stank stupid ass got in this position.
you see i can't help you out too much, cause i ain't no magician,
but getting down with you is like deep see fishin

look at me, i'm just a lonely poor musician
so open your mouth and get a shot of this nutrition
i'm just tryin to be helpful, you know i'm not dissin,
but when i'm down there, well you know i'm not kissin,

i'm pissin, so rub a dub while i'm trying to teach,
take a whiff of my ass, yo it smells like a peach.
you've been giving me that look, and i know you wanna do me,
but after this song, i think you'll probably wanna sue me

you aint nuthin but a stinky bitch
stinky stinky bitch stinky bitch
you aint nuthing but a stinky bitch
you aint nuthin but a stinky stinky bitch
stinky sthinky stinky bitch oohhhh
stinky stinky stiiinkny bitch
stinkyyyyy stinkyyyyyyyyy stinkyyyyyyyyyy biiiitch
stinkyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy bitch

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