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Album: EZ Listening

West Buurbs

this is my crew, you can't fuck wit me,
we kick all the ass in this broke ass city.
i'm coming from the west burbs, i thought i better warn ya,
we got more mexicans than all of california.
and they don't give a fuck about the white population,
or the mayor signing bills tryin to get full segregation.
smell the shit, take a dump on the carpet.
they deserve to get thrown out of thier cheap ass apartments.

and the degos are just as bad as the spics
cause they got shitty cars and their breath really kicks
and if you get in a fight, they'll come with a crew
and they slick back their hair with elmers glue

crooked ass teeth, could use some braces.
the girls got 10 pounds of makeup on their faces
not to mention that their arms are really fuckin hairy
and the spics havin kids before their fuckin married.

don't got no money to buy any pampers
while all the greeks are all hangin out at fuckin dappers
go to school drunk and they get suspended
late at night the greek guys are gettin rear ended.

the only good place to eat is subway
but all their employees come straight from bombay.
the only time you can see them is when they smile.
but you can smell them comin from half a mile.

it's really not bad if you don't mind the scent.
but i don't give a fuck, west buurbs represent

west buuurbs west buuuurbs
represent represent

drivin around, don't even know what town i'm in
look there's a mexican, shit, must be addison
roll down the window smell the funk in the air
spic pissin in his front yard like he just don't care

babies out side with 4 day old diapers on
little kids runnin in the streets like its a marathon.
fuck it, bust a left on the arrow,
can't drive 2 blocks without seeing a camaro

or a mustang with a flat tire and a dent.
italian flag on the bumper but he aint even 10 percent.
go home to his king size bed
get up in the morning put a can of oil on his head

put on his new watch and his new shirt and a
new pair of ripped jeans and the same bandana
hops on his motor bike thinkin that he's lookin hard
wouldn't have that shit if he didn't have his daddy's credit card

and dad's a cop so he don't worry bout a thing
and his uncle knows the coach, so he always makes the team
and his mom knows the teachers so he always passes class
think you got the good life but you're just spoiled up the ass

and you think you're a good dancer, but actually you suck
and you go to school drunk cause you don't give a fuck.
all of this shit could drive a person to suicide
but this is what i see when i'm living on the west side

west buuurbs west buuuurbs
represent represent

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