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Album: EZ Listening

Inya Ass

scumbag degenerate peice of shit.
got cuts on ya face like you just got hit.
burns when you piss, got bugs on ya sack
got snots in ya nose and a hunch in ya back.
hands are all sore from masterbation,
couldn't even get a job at a gas station.
all of your friends are faggot ass geeks
and you got chapped lips and you got chapped ass cheeks.
come up to me and pass out your flyers,
i wanna smash your windows and flatten all your tires
but i'm a human being and i got alotta class,
so i just take your flyers and slam em in your ass

i saw this old man walkin cross the street.
went up to him and swept him off his feet.
now this elderly man is lying on his back.
so I took his cane and shoved it up his crack.
now he's crying and he's almost dead,
so i took his cane and cracked it cross his head.
felt really bad, cause he looked really hurt
but he got his blood all over my shirt.
pissed me off cause i looked like crap,
so i took a step back and kicked him in the knee cap.
sorry ass old man, walkin to venture
didn't give a fuck so i kicked out his dentures

nasty jerkoff asshole bitch
think you're the shit cause your dad is rich
skanky ass ho got a see thru shirt.
tall ass boots and a mini skirt.
need my attention, and you want me to stare,
so i just walk by and jizz in your hair.
take a leak on your shoes and give you a slap
cause your perfume reaks of elephant crap.
and your hairs all puffed up 5 feet tall.
i wanna cut it off and shave you bald.
but i'm a human being and i got alotta class,
so i take some hair spray and shoot it in your ass.

shoot it out yo ass shoot it out ya ass out ya muthafuckin ass

lowlife bastard loonytune nut
father ran away and your mother was a slut
never could shave cause you can't afford razors.
live in a box got some rocks for some neighbors.
got no luggage just a stick and a sack
every dime that you find you spend it on crack
take a dump in your pants but you got no depends
and you never wipe your ass and you have no friends.
you stick out your cup and you ask me for change
but i'd rather take a gun and fuckin blow out your brains
but i'm a human being and i got a lotta class
so i just take this cup and pound it in your ass.

now i run up to you and pick yo ass up
cause i heard somebody went and took your cup.
and your ass is bleeding and you're almost dead
and you got a big fuckin bruise on your forehead.
went to my house to get you a snack,
but when i came back, shoved it in your crack.
now you gotta snickers bar stickin out your ass
ate a lot of chili so you got bad gas
but the shit is plugged up so you can't even fart.
heard they had a remedy at k-mart
but you got no money and you got no class
and you got a fuckin snickers bar hangin out ya ass

hangin out ya ass, hanging out ya ass
hangin out ya ass, out ya muthafuckin ass.

illiterate cocksucking scum of the earth
never go to school and you barely ever work
you only take a shower like once a week
when your daughter's in the changing room, you like to peek.
you got bacteria growin out of your nostrils,
the gerbils in your ass have turned into fossils.
you're not just a little, but a lot overweight
when you go to the buffet, they slam the gate.
you come to me with your laws and regulations
then go back and chill at the police station.
you follow my car till it's out of gas,
and you can't find nuthin so you say i went too fast.
man, i wanna throw a fit.
pull out a 12 guage and straight end this shit
but i'm a human being and i got alotta class,
so i take your billie club and shove it in your ass

shove it in ya ass shove it in ya ass
shove it in ya ass in yo muthafuckin ass

i like to stick things in yo ass
please don't stick things in my ass
i love sticking different things in yo ass
i do'nt like different things in my ass

i went fishing and i caught a bass
please don't stick that up my ass
i like to go and pump some gas
please don't pump that in my ass

pump it in your ass
pump it in your ass

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