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Home >> Yin >> Apocalypse
Album: Beggining Of The Ressurection


verse one
Yin i don't need no aid from bloods n crips
without mercy i unleash apocalypse
it s the death the raid(death raid)
people of the earth begin to fade
everywhere i go everytime i flow
i stay the same as a maruauder
in the depths of death i'm not a fodder
why even try! no one can stop apocalypse
its everyones path and jesus' wrath
yeah yes i'm the heir,best prepare,
life i won't share,you can't be spared
i ain't gotta be a gansta,just to run up and shank ya,i'm young out of control
insaine in the brain,i can't be tamed
not many of you know my name,
i'm not procastinating,
and when i say apocalypse its not exagerating,i hit like car clision
you worthless like behind bars in prison,
see lets clash, when i scare ya mind like a rash,`so when i put ya in my dimension,
you besta gain tension,i'm a monsta
the devil,my flow is higher than any level
from the ashes i'm known as a rebel
in my face no one revels,i don't fall in love i stay magnetic in the game
repelling shame and attracting fame
pulse so hot you cant restrain,my flow
is raw you can't sustain,put me in shackles
on my feet,you betta catch a fleet cuz when i'm free its APOCALYSPE!!
you don't know when it comes
blowin faster than ak guns
i'm in with
you don't know what is gon do
flames to water
i'm the

verse 2
in my brain i don't feel pain
i thro bo's wit electrical flows
wants some more drop to the floor
fear you desire i'm layin a heated fire
99 ways to make 2pacs gheto gospel
so i'ma find 6 million ways to die it possible,me a soldier who takes sin upon his shoulders,ain't afrriad to die
its no lie when niggaz cry
yin i'm the caine yin thats my name
its the beggining of the end
i'm 1000 niggaz strong no emmotion to show,
cuz i give death,i'll rob ya soul like grand theft,you got guns but affraid to use them,dealin wit me will but ya bones display in a british museum, heheheheh
yin i'm commin up main east coast orlando


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