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Album: Plugged (2015)

Eww Eww Eww Freestyle

Catch a motherfucker at the stop light
Point, point, point, hold the Glock tight
Yeah, I'm bout the spinach, boy, Popeye
Niggas want beef, where my hot fries?
Cross me, nigga, get baptized
Yes, motherfucker, I'm the bad guy
Blow you away like a landmine - dead, flatline
I'm a God and I put that on mankind, huh
Bullet turn you into stop sign, huh
Swat a pussy nigga if he that fly
Take a good look at the anti
I'm sick, I'm ill, I'm a mad guy, huh
Killin' 'em all by a landslide, fuck it
Pussy motherfucker wanna damn die
Someone tell these niggas I'm not tryin'
Phone keep ringing, that's a hotline, huh
Puttin' them all on they backside, huh
Have these niggas runnin', track time
Light a nigga up, me no talk and beg
Crack a nigga up like the yolk out a egg
Smoke a nigga out like an ounce from a dread
These niggas straight pussy, ain't vouchin' for them
Ice cold, nigga, like a motherfuckin' gem
Branch out, nigga, like a motherfuckin' stem
Cut a nigga off, ain't tied up for them
Tell a bitch nigga I'm fire with the pen
Lay a nigga down, watch him die at the end
Four-five nigga, it's a nine, that's a ten
Pussy on my dick, you and I and my friend
Which one of y'all wanna try this again?
Which one of y'all wanna try me again?
Big body six, I'm high in the Benz
Flippin' the flow, on timin' again
Riggidy ruggidy rhymin' again
Pussy nigga, it's applying to him
V-I-P, ain't no line in for him
Fuck around, nigga, your chances are slim
Flexin' on 'em, exercise in the gym
Ballin' on 'em, got my hand in the rim
None of his niggas ain't dying for him
Pussy niggas askin' me how I been
Eating these rappers, I'm tryna go in
Lighting them up till they chances are dim
No talkin', no speakin', don't do arguin'
Jino ridin', you don't want it with him
Eating these rappers, strippin' off they skin
Jino my nigga, he bout to go in

Look, bad bitches in my rental, they rented
See, I'm the boss and lieutenant
They try to kill me, bet my shotta prevent it
I got a lot for the minute
You might win but lose a lot of percentage
Talkin' that street but not a lot of 'em in it
Pass the light, got watch like miracle
Try me, meet your God like spiritual, sicker than venereal
Everything I'm spitting is imperial
Put you in the box like cereal or serial
Boy, I'm hotter than the summer in Baghdad in a gas mask
Thermal and leather gloves and 90 with a bag tag
Find out that your mama with a fag dad
Now you in a daze and amazed like a lab rat
Don't get Kat Stacks when we clap back
Niggas strapped like a backpack
So relax cause the mack black
Turn your fuckin' fitted to a halo
Hole through your body like a bagel
Roaster need the toaster like a Eggo
I be in the jungle like Diego
Winnin' so everything I say go
Jino, how you they go?
Started with a cup of lean and a beauty queen
Fuck her good so I bet she never say no
Liquor with the team, money like they roll the green
But I gotta see my P.O
They sayin' I'm the one like Neo
Try him, boy, you dyin' like Cleo
Sayin' that you better, man, you lyin' like a Leo

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