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מילים לשיר דלא דלא

I have to breath
I have to stop and breathe
other wise I'll buckle at the knees.
otherwise I'll freeze.

I have to count to ten,
וואחד, תנאן...
then once again
oh god, there isn't time
אחת ושתיים...
three, four,
my heart, the door.
סהר שעלה...

דלא דלא יא רשאל (לאט לאט אהובתי)
לא ישמעוק עלי (שלא ישמעוך)
ויתלעוק אל חבוס (כי אם ישמעוך יכלאוך)
ויסמסו חאלי (ואת גרוני ישספו)

I have to run
I know I have to run
I can hear the beating of the drum
but my legs are numb

I have to count to ten...

love and death
the sweetness of your breath
the perfume of your skin
death and love
the water and the flames
the echo of our names
the promise in your eyes for which I yearn

דלא דלא...

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