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מילים לשיר 4th of July

Forth of July, day of the free,
Millions of dreamers came here to be,
Schlepping and hustling but happy to worship J.C.

U.S. of A, fifty big states,
Driving across takes more then few days
One small mistake, you’ll be driving around like in a maze.
Mu-sic runs in their veins so they dance and sing,
Freedom gives zest to life, let it ring.
Since seventeen seventy-six on that occasion,
Each forth of July- a celebration.

People came from across the sea,
Mostly from Europe, all wished to be free
To worship a savior who promises heaven for a fee.



They toil in life to earn big money,
Search for good wife or some pretty honey
Have a few kids, some good food to eat to stay alive.
From Cape Canaveral to the moon and back each day,
Standing in lines to enter U.S.A.
Hoping for connections to make their new lives gay,

In a distant future, not far away on earth,
Each one will live in freedom; we know it must be first.
No lines to the moon and no divisions on land,
And everyone will understand.

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