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מילים לשיר In love with you

I remember when we met,
You were almost twenty-one,
On your head a yellow hat, and your sweet face was red,
From too much sun.

Wonder where are you right now
Are you somewhere helping injured birds to fly,
What has happened in your life, are you still in love
With the other guy?

Then I met you once again
You were almost twenty-four,
Many things were on your mind; you had to catch a train, just like before.

Time is moving by so fast
Could you ever find a little time to stay?
What’s the point in this life if you can never rest?
A few hours in a day.

Seasons passing like the wind
I’ve been longing for your touch
You were once in love with me, and me with you,
I know this much.

Now together in a home
You’ve been my forever mate,
I’m so glad for never giving up on you
You are so beautiful,
Almost eighty-eight.


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