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מילים לשיר Photosensitivity

Decisive force must be used
He spoke as people fell to the ground
Truth has been strained for too long
Now the muscles had to burst

Well you seem so surprised
Time and time again
This report has been compiled
From the waters of your friends

"I'm ready to die"
Said the stapler to the trend
Martyrs are so last week
Watch the box to see what's in

Peep holes made to fit one's size
Now that's all we can see
Our eyes are stuck between the cracks
Stop the skid
Revolution popular
The check is in the mail
Credence liquefied
It's so easy to forget

Nod, take our blood, take our blood, only blood, only
Keep growing, keep growing, keep growing, keep growing,
Old, growing old, going bald, staying cold, staying
Cash only, cash only, cash only, cash only,
Save, save our ch, save our cha, save our child, save our
Selves, take our shelves, take our bells, leave this place!

Let me keep the windows shut
Keep the sun away from me
Keep away from the sun

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