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מילים לשיר Cross Many Oceans

Well I've seen you as you wonder
I surely know you by now
And as the time marks our faces
I see that yours looks a lot like mine
But I have to cross many oceans
And walk the streets of many cities and towns
And then I'll wonder why
You're not there by my side
As the morning has shown its diamond
I have walked away
Yes the morning has shown its diamond
And a sparkling rain

Are you sitting in comfort?
'Cause I'm restless here
Many people talk to me
Most times I don't hear a thing
But I have to go on the road now
And make a difference in some far away place
As long as there's the blues
I'll have nothing to lose
And the morning has shown a diamond
As I walked away
Thought of asking you to come with me
Yet I left you there

מילים לשיר גבע אלון

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