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מילים לשיר To Hear You Smile

He never took a paper
Never took his pen
Because he knew
He could never
Put into words a thing
Of the beauty of her face
Or her white skin or her grace

It would all be a lousy second best

He never read the papers
Never watched the news
Because no breaking reports
Would ever match his solitude
And no terror is strong enough
To blow her from his heart
She'll always be there
No matter how bad things are

So sad
I heard him singing
So deep
Down from his heart
So loud
I just kept swinging
And loud just ain't loud enough
Tonight I call you baby
To hear you smile
To hear you smile

He never wears his coat now
No umbrella or strong shoes
Because no winter
Was ever colder than his blues
But she will always guide him home
Though there's still along time to come
Before that desirable break of dawn

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