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מילים לשיר Miracles

I've read today something in the paper
a child was born in a middle of a war
and it's really hard to understand
He made it through it all,
and that's a miracle.

I see the birds fly around the mountains
heading south right before the fall
and its really hard to understand
they know just where to go
and that's a miracle

And then there's you
looking right at me
and then there is you
beautiful and free
and there is la la la love

...And that's a miracle

It is strange, cause we are only human
you know, a man has been walking on the moon
and its really hard to understand
I thought I've seen it all
But that's a miracle

And then there's you...

Some People say that I (could) never fly
and they will tell me it's useless to try
I know that I will never walk the moon
Yes; it's true, I guess it's you.

And then there's you…

…And that's a miracle

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