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מילים לשיר Bleeding Back To Life

What if I told you I had an answer
to eternity, infinity, a never ending end
What if I told you i had an answer
a truth, a meaning, trapped in my head

What if I told you I had the key
the key for life, sense and prosperity
What if I told you I had it all
I gave it up so one day, maybe
i could be free, just be

Now you realize
- what you could have had
Walk through the foot steps left behind
- Open up your eyes
after all this time -
Come Back 2 Life

What if I told I had this craving
this need to be like no one else
What if I told you i believe in meaning
in NOT to cave like all the rest

Why must we live through regulation?!
You should live your life for yourself
Don't ever let the consequences put you down
and take the risk

I wanna reach my hands so high
Stop the BLEED and touch the sky
I want to feel alive!

Now you realize...

Now you realize
the life you could have had
If you only tried...

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