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מילים לשיר Victims Of Tomorrow

Nothing ever changes
everything just always stays the same
We always run in circles
seems like no one can stop the burning flame
How much more shit must you swallow
in order to wake up from the sleep?
How red must the sign on the wall be
in order to make you stop the bleed?!

Sleep tight my child
Shut your eyes and rephrase the lies
Now that you have seen the light
Some things are worth dying for...

Sacrifice Philosophy (is) the road
we choose to follow
Bounded to the vacancy - blindfolded
Victims of our apathy
the Victims of Tomorrow
Wake up! We're turning too cold

Another tear drops on a grave of thousands
burned down by the flame
With the sadness comes the rage
eating reason, letting it over come
spread its pain
Vengeance calls!

"Someone has to pay!"
In the name of whatever, whoever
does it even matter at all?!
Preaching only one thing in our minds
Preaching hate, sacrifice
"There are things worth dying for"

Wake up my child!
Open your eyes and embrace their lies
Now that you see the light
Some things are worth living for...

Sacrifice Philosophy (is) the road...

We're turning too cold...
too cold, too cold

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