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מילים לשיר קריה יפיפיה

קריה יפיפיה משוש לעריך
עיר נאמנה את למלכך ושרייך
יום אזכרה יפעת רבת צבאייך
לך כלתה נפשי לשכון חצרייך

In a middle of a war hear the calling
Feel your feet on the floor when you fall in
Stay ball in only trues get to dial in

There's a reason for the vioence and the poverty
What we're missing is alliance from soceiety
Partly livin' the trimpth of our casualties
Stuck in the middle and it's hard to see

When the wave crashes down hope you hold on
In the mind of a rebel there's a slow song
When the hope's gone and the hours seem so long
It's Babylon to the break of dawn

Please don't let your self go
Please understand the flow
Please we're all in time
Please we're lost our mind

Please god light my way

Please god shine on me
Please have mercy on me
I've been up for days

מילים לשיר רבי שלום שבזי

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