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מילים לשיר Does anyone know

Does anyone know
where everyone goes,
where everyone's running.
I will run
for you.
I'm gonna do my time,
I'm gonna face the crime,
of you.

There's so many ways
for so many days
and I couldn't reach you.
Where the hell
are you?
I wanna make it right,
I wanna stay inside,
of you.

Whenever you show,
Like a river that flows,
I'm suddenly living.
And I would die
for you.
I’m looking for your trace,
but you keep changing place.
Oh you.

The music you play,
the words that you say,
is all that I'm hearing,
but I couldn’t play
your tunes.
I wish I had no fear
to look when you are near.
Near me.

Does anyone dare
to say he will share
the life here without you?
Could you see
through me?
I'm longing for your vows,
I'm longing for your house.
Oh you.

Oh you.
Oh you.

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