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מילים לשיר Fallin Like A Stone

Say no more to me
Don’t wake me from my sleep
Before ill meet the storm
Before ill find the way back home
And i need truth
I need to be amused
In every way im falling like a stone
Then i start to think of all the things
I owe you my love
You keep on shine through me
You keep it long
Little bet longer then you need
Don’t do me wrong
I try to fit my self
To get along
But im falling like a stone
And my foot prints are
Fading slow
But Im all right now
I can see the world
No more demons beside me
But im all right now
When it comes to the end
There's more then one way out of this
But there's no way to know
How to conceal your deepest hunger of all
You fool around
When you pretend to be
The happy one
But your falling like a stone
And your footprints are fading slow

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