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מילים לשיר Secret Room

If you want my soul, take my body,
and if you want my body, take my soul,
take it all.

I'd love to go inside your secret room,
break down your mirrors and your statues,
hear you scream your love,
there's nothing else above a human heart
to win or lose,
there's nothing else out there to choose.

If you want my future, take my painful memories,
if you want my beauty, take my disease,
and if you want my passion, take my violence,
if you want to be with me, take my loneliness,
take it all.

If you want to see me, take a real good look,
let your eyes shine a light on my dark side.
Can you take it,
can you take me,
can you take all of me,
take it all.

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