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מילים לשיר I Am

It will take me time to forget
what they did to me
I won't let this happen again
Can't you let me be
They broke me down and played with my head
they took my thouhgts an told me I'm dead
They say I'm wrong, they say I'm insane
I know who I am!

I'm NOT afraid!
I won't let their decay touch me
Now, here, today!
Now it's time for the change
Gotta stop the illusion

I choose to know don't hide
I choose to be free
I choose to know don't hide
Let your mind grow

They pretend to help and create
- It's all so fake
Freedom knocks it's time to awake
- I will choose my fate
(They) Control you with i deas full of hate
Open your eyes, It's never too late
Truth awaits, see what I see
Denial locks you up
truth will set you free

I choose to know don't hide...

What do you want from me?!
What did you say!? What did you say?!

Let me be, set me free
let me live my own destiny
Let me go, I just know
I'll decide what's right or wrong for me
Look through me, I can see
the truth will let us all go free
Freedoms here, oh so near
denial locks you up and it...
won't let go, won't let you know

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