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מילים לשיר I do

I do what I do like I am alone
That’s what you said before we went to bed
The first time, I wish I knew
That’s what I love about you
But I stayed on my side

“I need what I need” is my way to check
It always fails me, always bails me
And that’s why I am alone
With perfect dreams of two
And right by the book
So I wouldn’t have to work
While I cry on my side

I miss how you kiss when you are away
I know it is my turn to wait
For you to open your gate
But still I got to tell you how I feel
I wish this doesn’t end here

So let’s try to find the line
On which we could slowly walk and feel free
To look beyond the book baby
This doesn’t end here
This doesn’t end here
No, no, no, no!
This doesn’t end here.
This ends here

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