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מילים לשיר Dancing With The Moon

Don’t know where we're going
But I know I saw in your eyes
My life growing
To unite with u

And the time is towing us to age
And tossing years
But we're still glowing
Like we never knew

We took a decision
To have no definition
And our ammunition
Is to keep our love true

We chose to share a vision
More then we envisioned
While this song is playing
I want to dance with u

So put on that record that we use to listen to
When we found the truth
A golden soft memory in blue
To repaint it, in me and in u

I'm dancing in your garden
To ease up all that's harden
plant a seed this morning
To see a flower bloom

Words need not be spoken
Sleeping souls have woken
And this song is not more then
a blooming after noon

For there is no other
For me u are the mother
A perfect sound of ever
In a perfect tune

As night slowly approaching
The sun is set for love
And when I see u smiling
I'm dancing with the moon

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