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מילים לשיר Move it

Move it, we wanna bust your radio
Move it, double a shot like stereo
Move it, we move the train to carry y'all
Ho no no
Move it, one time let's give it all a go
Move it, push it on up and let it blow
Move it, might be the end but you don't know
Ho no no

Life is on top of all
And it's my favorite
I might fly with it
I might drown in it
I might look aside of it
but I can't ignore it
Don't be the ignorant
Who turns his back on it
And now we are in a race
And now u show your face
If u can't find your place
then we can show u how to send u to outer space
to fly on your own

We move the train to carry y'all
So u can skip the barrier
And move it to your area
So we can bust your radio
And speak out through your speakers
And scream out to the sleepers
They freak out when they hear us
we make beats like gorillas
in this giant concrete jungle
the digital monkeys on a move
talking straight, we never mumble
making sure your dancing feet will move

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