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מילים לשיר One Man Show

Go on nowhere disappear
My senses turn all up in fear
You can tell me what you want
You can say but it isn't the reason my feeling is gone
Turn around me and move my face
And every time it's just a disgrace
I will not crawl down on my knees
'Coz I can't get along with the sound that no one hears

You can say I've been lonely
Would rather take it slowly
I keep on rising alone all the way just to know
I'm ending this game
You can continue laughing
I think I'm gonna fall asleep
I'd rather ride all alone riding on riding on
'Coz it's a one man show!

Don't wanna pass to foreign hands
Believe me, no excuse no offense
Back to the moment we used to know
No, it won't be the same now again
'Coz our love is burning up in flames
Love in flames

You can say I've been lonely...

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