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מילים לשיר Climb

cover your eyes
you're gonna let those lies pass on not cross you
turning your back
returning back there again
with all your light
you will shine
no one will take it away from you
no one will...

Thrash your free will
and tear up all the hope you have inside you
no one can fill these empty spaces for you
you won't fight
you will shine
no one will take your peace from you
no one will...

you're on high
it's alright
you're about to get it
call up your friends
you're alive
and that's about it

splitting your time
between the good and cool that pass beside you
wondering what's the right way that you should take
no between
lose or win
only the good is here for you
know it will


sing...loud... just call him
you will get what's on your mind
there no use to wonder if it's good or right
if it feels so


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