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מילים לשיר Lonely Wild Heart

No more games
I'm bleeding truth
My Oldest pains
All written in the book
Never ending school
Ever lasting fuel
That's me

Wave goodbye
& don't look back
'Cause Other you is still awake
Sneaking in the dark
Waiting for a Spark
That's me

Fast car
open windows
Cold wind in my hair
Hey baby
I'm giving you
My one and only
lonely wild heart

No more tears
My sadness flys
'Cause Happiness
is not a prize
Deep forgiveness
Clear commitment
That's me

Lust and dust
All Rings a bell
'Cause Heaven is a place
inside of hell
Come along my angel
Come along with me

I'm gonna run to you
When my sadness is on
When my happiness flys
Gonna run to you
When the morning is bright
When my happiness flys
Gonna run to you

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