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ראשי » אשד מלק » Change Of Seasons

מילים לשיר Change Of Seasons

Took some time to myself away from it all
In the change of seasons between summer and fall
The nights grow longer and the air is getting cold
‘Got this blanket I rolled for when green turns to gold
And a coat - I was told it’d soon start to rain
Winds will cry, so will I, it’s lady pain – my old ball n’ chain

I’m out the door looking for more not sure what I’m looking for
Stopped at a store, went to a whore, got me a can of food - now I’m good
Am I good? Maybe misunderstood; maybe mad or even bad
Maybe I’m sad; maybe I just miss my dad

I'm Out of my mind and out of my skin; I open up another tin can of beans
And I seen a reflection in the puddle beneath the street-light
Of this body I’ve been wearing far too long, far too tight,
Another spoon another bite and I need something special B.,
I need something special all right

To help me breath in the abyss of my heart, help me take part
In this delicate form of art of watching reality TV and shopping at Wal-Mart
I'm pushing an empty cart through an empty parking lot
Thinking there's got to be something more to this life
There's got to be something more to this life, but there's not,
Just to rot

In the depths of winter yellow turns grey and men start to pray
They want to play; they want to stay for a little while longer before they go away
Before they lie down and close their eyes with no bedtime stories and no lullabies
Just a quiet sigh and the endless sky and no reason why

מילים לשיר אשד מלק

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