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מילים לשיר Same Old Song

Taking what you're taking from me
I hope I can keep my love alive
Looking back on when I was free
And how I have loved your tear stained eyes
Now I'm standing right by the door
I really don't know, what I'm looking for
You know I think I'm really not sure
If I want to let go

And I am waiting
I am waiting
I've been waiting far to long
And I am waiting
I am waiting
While I sing the same old song

Now that you are back in my life
The tears are not gone, they only hide
And in the end, those feelings was right
And into my world they now collide
You know I never said I was strong
And I know I was wrong, I know I was wrong
And now I'm with my back to the wall
When you're coming home

And I am waiting...

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