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מילים לשיר U R Mine

You can dance
Take a chance
On the floor tonight
Step aside
turn and glide
All your moves are right
Take me down
To the sound
That is playin' tight
And I shine bright

You got style
You are wild
(Girl) you're never tired
You get high
And you fly
(I) wanna hitch a ride
Keep me on
For the song
Only you know why
And baby I'm on fire
You can run
You can hide
Anyhwere you want
I'll be behind
I'm your find
I can feel your vibe
Let us climb
To the lime
And then take a dive
And (baby) I am alive

You're the Strum Back
To my Drum Track
In the City Lights
You're a Pretty Sight

When you're mine, babe
All the world is ALIVE

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