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מילים לשיר Live your dream

Life is just a passing dream,
Dream we wish to make so real
Capture it in print and memory
Photographs and film.

History is our proof
That forever we were here
Day by day we count the passing time
Year by year.

Dream, dream, dream my love
This is our own mind’s whim,
There is nothing here worth living for
But that special precious dream.

Live, live, live my love
Make your life the best each day
Don’t count on the future to change your luck,
Living now is the only way.

Don’t count on the future for changing your luck,
Living now, is the way.

Be happy with the things you’ve got
It’s not essential to compare,
Happiness you’ll find deep in your heart
It’s all there

There is nothing else I wish to say,
Every word will add more noise,
Find the peace of mind you were searching for
Your best choice,
Your best choice.

Find the peace of mind you were searching for
Your best choice.


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